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Sold – Listing Number: OK2053 – Furniture & Fixtures Mfg


Business Info
Listing Number:  OK2053

Type of Business: Furniture & Fixtures Mfg

Region: Southwest

State: OK

Description Summary: Prestigious Interior Accessory Manufacturer

Description: This forty year old family owned and operated business manufacturers and distributes interior furnishing accessories for commercial and consumer applications. A major competitive advantage is that it is a one stop shop for its customers, offering a range of products with price points at the commodity, midrange and high end of its market segment. The company has developed and utilizes proprietary manufacturing processes that set it apart from the rest of the market. The business operates in a leased 40,000 sq. ft. facility.Throughout the United States the business utilizes sales rep organizations, which typically handle complimentary lines of products from other manufacturers. Showrooms in major markets are utilized by the company. Limited amounts of product are sold internationally.

The Company’s manufacturing process is highly efficient, with each step tracked under computerized control. Tight quality standards are adhered to and the business develops and introduces to the market a tremendous amount of new products each year, a key factor in being selected by its worldwide customers for a highly prestigious and coveted National Manufacturers Award in its industry. The workforce is highly experienced and knowledgeable with average length of employment being approximately 15 years.

The Owners have undergone extensive downsizing and cost reductions in order to survive the impact of two major detrimental events that created erosion of profits and loss of sales. Both of these issues have been corrected. The operation of the business is dependent on the owners being retained in key management roles. Real Estate is available for purchase, or may be leased.

The business has averaged $5.7 Million in sales over the last 9 years with average adjusted EBITDA of $286 Thousand. The company has developed an operating budget for the twelve months beginning April 2009 that restores the business to profitability and growth.

Furniture, Fixtures
& Equipment
$125,000 Asking Price $0
Vehicles and/or rolling
$0 Down Payment: $0
Inventory $595,000
Accounts Receivable (if
$275,000 Annual Sales Volume $4,676,000
Land & Building (if
$0 Cash Flow $128,000
Other Assets $0
Current Liabilities to
be assumed
$17,000 Current Notes to be

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