Twenty years as an Oklahoma Business Intermediator

Business Brokerage- A Professional Service to Help You Buy or Sell a Business

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For twenty years Alexander & Associates has provided business brokerage services to clients in buying or selling companies. As a premier business intermediator in Oklahoma, we represent clients throughout the state, marketing their business to prospective buyers throughout the USA. 

Our client focus is a variety of industries including manufacturing, business-to-business services and distribution. We specialize in businesses with sales in excess of $5,000,000 per year and offer the prospective client a wide range of services, including:

  • Business Valuations
  • Preparing Confidential Business Profiles for Marketing the Business
  • Qualifying Prospective Buyers
  • Negotiating the Purchase Offer
  • Assistance to Buyers in Obtaining Financing
  • Orchestrating the Closing
  • Exit Strategy Consultation
  • Business Plan Consultation & Preparation

Throughout the overall process, Alexander & Associates maintains the strictest of confidentiality. Prospective buyers are required to provide proof of their ability to meet the financial requirements of the sale and to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before the identity and details of the business are provided.


Career Highlights

Chuck Alexander is President and Founder of CF Alexander & Associates, LLC. Throughout his career he has extensive experience working with a number of companies in a variety of senior positions, specializing in Business Transfers, Mergers & Acquisitions, Marketing, Business Management, New Business Development, Product Planning and Development, and P&L management of Product Lines with annual revenues of $1 Billion. Key contributions include:

CF Alexander & Associates, LLC-President
Provides professional services to individuals and companies in business transfers, buying and selling businesses and facilitating Mergers & Acquisitions

Delta Marketing International-President
Provided major clients with consulting relative to marketing, business planning, product planning and strategy. Primary client was Fortune 500 Company Digital Equipment Corp to evaluate its business units’ capability to successfully enter the OEM Computer Storage Business. During a four-year period, their product planning process was established and guided, competitive insight was provided, market analysis conducted, recruitment of sales resources and identification of major prospective customers to target was achieved. The consulting activity culminated in Quantum Corp, a leading industry participant, acquiring DEC’s business unit, lock, stock and barrel.

Seagate & Control Data-Director of Various Functions
Served in a variety of senior management roles over a 20-year period, including Director of Marketing, P&L Management of major product lines, Director of Business Management, International Business Offices and New Business Ventures.  Extensive International Experience. Led the offshore manufacturing site selection search for the far east. Singapore was chosen and a factory established that led to significant cost reductions and the ability to profitably increase market share.

Lead negotiator in establishing major new business relationships, including a Joint Venture with the Government of Iran to develop and manufacture advanced computer technology in Iran, establishing a minicomputer manufacturing license agreement with a Slovenian Company, and establishing a disk drive manufacturing license with a Brazilian Company.


University of Minnesota-Executive MBA Program
Columbia University-Executive Marketing Management Program
BS Applied Mathematics-Missouri University of Science & Technology
BBN-Business Brokerage Educational Courses & Seminars
NEBB Institute-Equipment/Machinery Appraisal and Brokerage Courses.


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